Monthly Archives: May 2019

 ShoreTel/Mitel server maintenance

Start Time: 5/31/19 8:00 pm - End Time: 6/1/19 12:01 am


ITS will perform maintenance on the campus ShoreTel server, which supports the campus phone system.  The Mitel Connect client will be unavailable during this time, and access to voicemail may be delayed.  Incoming and outgoing telephone calls will not be affected.

Primary Contact: Philip Reiss

Posted: 5/31/19 11:42 am
Last updated: 6/1/19 12:32 am
Event type: Scheduled Maintenance
Current status: Resolved
Service Telephone Services

 TritonApps services


Issues have been reported of problems related to the TritonApps remote applications services.  Users can log in successfully, but do not see any applications listed.  This appears to be unrelated to the UM account migration project.  ITS staff are working to resolve the issue and will update when more information is available.

Update: This issue is now resolved.

Posted: 5/28/19 9:49 am
Last updated: 5/31/19 11:06 am
Event type: Intermittent or Slow Service
Current status: Resolved
Service Other

 Grand Center Network Outage – 5/26/19, Midnight – 4:00am

Start Time: 5/26/19 12:00 am - End Time: 5/26/19 4:00 am


On Sunday morning between midnight and 4:00am, Networking will be performing a test of the backup Internet connection at Grand Center.  During this test the primary Internet link will be shut down.  Radio station equipment is expected to function normally, but PC’s and telephones will be unavailable during the outage.


Testing concluded at 1:28am and was successful

Primary Contact: Steve Anthoney

Posted: 5/24/19 2:26 pm
Last updated: 5/28/19 9:26 am
Event type: Scheduled Maintenance
Current status: Resolved
Service Network-Access

 Research building Third and Fourth floor Network Upgrade 5/26 7am

Start Time: 5/26/19 7:00 am - End Time: 5/26/19 12:00 pm


Networking is going to be upgrading equipment on the third floor of the Research building on 5/26/2019. During this time wireless, wired, and telephone service will be unavailable on the third floor and fourth floor of the Research building.

Primary Contact: Joshua Ballenot x4116

Posted: 5/22/19 2:50 pm
Last updated: 5/28/19 9:54 am
Event type: Scheduled Maintenance
Current status: Resolved
Service Network-Access, Network-Wired, Network-Wireless, Telephone Services

 UMSL Oracle Database Maintenance

Start Time: 5/24/19 5:30 pm - End Time: 5/24/19 8:30 pm


There will be brief/intermittent outages of all UMSL production Oracle databases while maintenance is being performed.  Most web applications running on, and will be temporarily unavailable during the maintenance period.

PeopleSoft applications including MyView, MyHR, etc. will not be affected.


Update 05/24/2019 5:50pm: Maintenance has been completed

Primary Contact: Caleb Evans

Posted: 5/22/19 7:46 am
Last updated: 5/24/19 6:00 pm
Event type: Scheduled Maintenance
Current status: Resolved
Service Applications/Web Apps, MyGateway

 VPN Scheduled Outage due to Building Power Testing- 05-19 from 4 am-Noon.

Start Time: 5/19/19 4:00 am - End Time: 5/19/19 12:00 pm


Due to construction, the power will be turned off for a few hours affecting access to the VPN. If you need to Remote Desktop, please use the Remote Desktop Gateway. Instructions are in the web site at For more information, contact the TSC at 516-6034.

Primary Contact: Pollyana Appleton

Posted: 5/16/19 4:06 pm
Last updated: 5/20/19 8:54 am
Event type: Scheduled Maintenance
Current status: Resolved
Service Network-VPN

 Secure Print Queue printing


There is an issue affecting printing to the Secure Print Queue.  This is where users print to the Secure Print Queue printer, which allows them to release the job at any ID Card access printer on campus.  ITS is working on the issue and will update when services are restored.

Update:  The issue affecting Secure Print Queue printing is now resolved.  Users experiencing issues when attempting to release print jobs in the Secure Queue should do the following before contacting the Help Desk:

  • Attempt to send and release the job a second time
  • Reboot the printer

Posted: 5/12/19 7:05 am
Last updated: 5/12/19 9:40 am
Event type: Service Unavailable
Current status: Resolved
Service Printing