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 Internet and Telephone services outage at UMSL remote sites 2/10/2020


There is an internet and telephone services outage at Child advocacy center kirkwood and westpine, ITE, CETC, Lindell eye center and East STL eye center. ITS is currently investigating the issue.


The cause of this issue has been identified as equipment failure within the AT&T network.  The equipment has been replaced and services are restored as of 3:50pm 2/10/2020

Posted: 2/10/20 2:15 pm
Last updated: 2/10/20 5:04 pm
Event type: Informational
Current status: Resolved
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 Power outage – ITE & Missouri Institute of Mental Health – November 15 2:15 PM –


All network and telephone services are down at 4633 World Pkwy due to power outage from Ameren and a failed generator.   Maintenace is currently investigating the issue.


Update: 2:50pm – Ameren’s power has been restored.   The generator is still offline and the vendor has been contacted for repairs.

Posted: 11/15/19 2:36 pm
Last updated: 12/20/19 1:48 pm
Event type: Service Unavailable
Current status: Resolved
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 Network Outage 7/17/19


ITS networking is experiencing issues with some web traffic, we are currently working on the issue.


Update: 7/17/19 8:45am

Working with the vendor has resolved the issue

Posted: 7/17/19 7:40 am
Last updated: 7/17/19 8:46 am
Event type: Intermittent or Slow Service
Current status: Resolved
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 Network Maintenance Sunday 6/9/19 CNS 2nd Floor & Bradford Wireless Access

Start Time: 6/9/19 7:00 am - End Time: 6/9/19 9:00 am


ITS will be preforming maintenance on Sunday 6/9/19 beginning at 7am

  1. CNS 2nd floor users will be moved to new network equipment and will experience a brief outage
  2. Bradford will be unavailable for about 20 minutes, wireless access will be unavailable during this time.

Primary Contact: Bob Garrison

Posted: 6/5/19 6:11 am
Last updated: 8/17/19 1:23 pm
Event type: Scheduled Maintenance
Current status: Resolved
Service Internet Access, Network-Access, Network-Wired, Network-Wireless

 UMSL Data Center power outage


The UMSL data center unexpectedly lost power, and all campus-hosted data services are experiencing an interruption. ITS staff is working to restore services.

Update 3:56 pm 2/14/19 – The Technology Support Center telephones are not currently working.  If you would like to report a problem with a computing service or piece of computing equipment, please go to and put in a ticket.  Thank you.

Update 8:40 pm 2/14/19 – Many campus applications remain unavailable at this time. ITS expects replacement parts to be delivered on Friday morning, and will continue to work to restore services.

Posted: 2/14/19 10:54 am
Last updated: 3/12/19 3:08 pm