ITS Maintenance Schedule

  • Please see the official ITS Maintenance Policy for regularly scheduled maintenance windows. Notifications will be posted on this site (and available on Twitter and Facebook) indicating which (if any) services will be unavailable during any given maintenance window.

Unexpected Service Interruptions

For unexpected outages or slow-downs:

  • ITS will post a notification on this site as soon as it is understood what the nature of the outage is and what is impacted.
  • The post will include the nature of the event, the type of event (Unavailable, Intermittent/Slow, Scheduled/Unscheduled Maintenance, or an Informational message) as well as the general service categories affected (MyGateway, MyView, eMail, Wired/Wireless Network, Telephones, etc.)
  • Emails will be sent to those in the email notification list for the initial posting only. Outage information will also be available on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Any changes in the state of the event or additional information will be posted as it becomes available. Updates will be available on this site as well as on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Notifications can be tracked via RSS feeds by clicking the RSS link at the top of the page.
  • Once the service is restored, the outage notification status will be changed to Resolved and the posting will move to the archives.
  • Only Active events will show on the main page of this site. All Resolved events will be accessible through the search features in the sidebar.