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 Scheduled Maintenance – Grand Center Internet Link

Start Time: 7/15/18 6:00 am - End Time: 7/15/18 12:00 pm


Sunday morning the connection providing Internet to Grand Center will be upgraded.  A brief outage will occur while the physical connection is moved from copper to fiber.  This outage is expected to be less than 5 minutes, but could be longer if unforeseen issues arise.


Services Affected:  Wired, wireless Internet and IP Telephone service at Grand Center



Notes:  Link was successfully upgraded at 7:00am 7/15/2018

Primary Contact: Steve Anthoney

Posted: 7/13/18 3:55 pm
Last updated: 7/16/18 9:04 am
Event type: Scheduled Maintenance
Current status: Resolved
Service Network-Access