Panopto Services outage for urgent update.

Start Time: 1/12/17 7:00 am - End Time: 1/12/17 9:00 am


Panopto’s  MAC recorder  as been found by the vendor to have a bug in it that causes screen recorder to abruptly stop with the loss of the recording.

To correct this issue we need to update the Panopto server to version 5.2, which will cause a Panopto services outage.

No Panopto service will be available during the outage period.  During outage the ability to uploading to the server, or the playback of selected  Panopto recordings will be unavailable.


Primary Contact: Marcel Bechtoldt

Posted: 1/10/17 3:50 pm
Last updated: 1/26/17 7:33 pm
Event type: Unscheduled Maintenance
Current status: Resolved
Service Panopto Services