Network Maintenance

Start Time: 10/16/16 12:01 am - End Time: 10/16/16 6:00 am


****  This work was completed on 10/15, not 10/16.

Internet users may have noticed a very short outage (seconds) while we transitioned from our Internet primary path to the backup path and then back to the primary path.

The remote site connections went down at 2:20:07am and were back up at 2:21:51am.

I apologize for the mistake in the dates.  Don Lewis


Sunday morning MOREnet, the campus Internet Service Provider, will be performing network maintenance.  During this time there could be short, intermittent outages in our Internet access as services fail over between our two Internet paths.

Remote sites will experience a network outage lasting up to one (1) hour. Remote sites include  Grand Center, Optometry clinics on Lindell and in East St. Louis, Children’s Advocacy Centers on West Pine and in Kirkwood, the Computer Education and Training Center (CETC) and Community Psychological Services  in West County, and the Innovative Technology Enterprises (ITE) building.

While MOREnet has reserved the 6 hour window for maintenance they do not expect the impact to the UMSL campus or our remotes sites to last that long.

Primary Contact: Don Lewis

Posted: 10/12/16 9:14 am
Last updated: 10/15/16 3:34 am
Event type: Scheduled Maintenance
Current status: Resolved
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