Office 365 Student Email System Address Book Changes

Start Time: 10/18/19 2:00 pm - End Time: 10/21/19 6:00 am


To prepare for upcoming changes to Office 365, University of Missouri System IT will be replacing faculty and staff contacts in the Office 365 Student Email address book. Faculty and staff entries will be temporarily removedĀ  from the address book on Friday October 18th starting at 2PM. We anticipate the replacement to be completed by the following Monday morning, October 21.

During this time, students will not be able to search for faculty and staff within their email accounts. However, Office 365 users will still be able to type faculty and staff email addresses directly or reply to a previous email.

For more help you can contact the technology support center at 314-516-6034 or

Primary Contact: Mark Monroe

Posted: 10/18/19 2:15 pm
Last updated: 10/21/19 7:48 am
Event type: Scheduled Maintenance
Current status: Resolved
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