UMSL Data Center Power Outage Update


ITS continues to work on restoring services to the campus. The following is the status of major services we are working on:

  • Printing and Faxing – we are working with the vendor this morning and hope to have printing available this afternoon.
  • Sharepoint – we are working to restore full functionality of the application and expect to have this operational by this afternoon
  • Telephone Services – ITS is working with multiple vendors and we expect to have this operational around lunch time today

ITS staff are also working to restore other services not on the list above.Thank you for your patience as we work to restore these services to the campus.

UPDATE – 2/20 2:00pm – ITS continues to work on restoring services to the campus.

  • Printing services are back online. Direct Printing, Secure Release and Mobile Print services are functioning normally.
  • SharePoint – Users can access their sites, service details will be visible on the main landing page for document management until we are able to fully restore the service. We are working with Microsoft this afternoon to restore all search functionality.
  • Telephone¬† – phone call groups and voice mail has been restored, but there are issues logging into the Mitel connect application that are being addressed.

ITS is also working on several other services in various states of restoration. If you have a service that is non-functional please let your IPRM know so they can bring the issue back to us.


UPDATE – 2/20 09:00pm – ITS continues to work on restoring services to the campus.

Fax Services have been restored. We continue to work with Microsoft to complete the Sharepoint functionality and with Mitel for restoring additional functionality.

UPDATE – 2/26 3:30pm – ITS continues to work on restoring services to the campus and to adding stability and functionality to services that have been partially restored including the SharePoint landing page and Telephone voice mail and the Mitel connection application. We are working with our vendor support organizations to assist us in getting these issues resolved.

Posted: 2/20/19 8:58 am
Last updated: 3/12/19 3:10 pm
Event type: Service Unavailable
Current status: Resolved
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