Panopto Services Planned Outage: Upgrade to version 6.0

Start Time: 12/15/18 7:00 pm - End Time: 12/15/18 10:00 pm


Panopto Hosted Services notification to all US customers.

Panopto Cloud customers will be upgraded to Panopto 6.0. This upgrade will require downtime Saturday, December 15, 8 -11 EDT, 7-10pm CST
During the time your site is offline, you will not be able to access recordings on your server, and any attempts to upload from clients will result in a “Server unable to connect” message.

Primary Contact: Marcel Bechtoldt

Posted: 12/13/18 2:01 pm
Last updated: 12/17/18 8:05 am
Event type: Scheduled Maintenance
Current status: Resolved
Service Panopto Services