Panopto Services outage August 8th & 9th

Start Time: 8/8/18 9:00 am - End Time: 8/10/18 5:00 pm


As of  4:00 pm  Panopto services are now available.


UPDATE, Aug 10th:  Panopto support continues to work on the migration.  Estimated completion is later today.


UMSL’s Panopto services have been hosted on the campus since 2008,  we are migrating to Panopto Hosted Cloud on August 10th.

All Panopto services will not be available during the migration period of August 8th & 9th.

If you have any question regarding this outage of Panopto services feel free to contact me.



Marcel Bechtoldt, Manager IT,  Digital Media Services
Academic IT Services
Information Technology Services
University of Missouri St. Louis

314 516 6173

Primary Contact: Marcel Bechtolldt

Posted: 8/3/18 3:24 pm
Last updated: 8/10/18 4:23 pm
Event type: Scheduled Maintenance
Current status: Resolved
Service Panopto Services