TritonPrint (Email print submission) intermittent issues


Issues have been reported concerning problems releasing print jobs that have been submitted using the TritonPrint email print job submission feature (documents sent as email attachments to  Jobs submitted using other methods are not affected by the issue.

Attempts to release TritonPrint email submitted jobs may be unsuccessful.  If this happens, the job can be re-released and is usually successful.  When attempts to release a job are unsuccessful, press the Refresh button.  The job will reappear with a [Free Print] label.  Select it and press Print.  Repeat until the job prints successfully.  You will not be charged additionally for any re-submission attempts.

Update: We believe this issue has now been resolved.

Posted: 9/18/17 10:20 am
Last updated: 9/19/17 9:59 am
Event type: Intermittent or Slow Service
Current status: Resolved
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