Monthly Archives: December 2022

 Internet Failover Testing, 12/23/2022 – 10pm to midnight

Start Time: 12/23/22 10:00 pm - End Time: 12/24/22 2:00 am


UMSL Networking and our Internet Service Provider, Morenet need to run a series of tests to identify a problem with Internet redundancy.  All Internet access to and from Campus will be unavailable while the tests are being performed.


Outages due to environmental issues have revealed that this maintenance is unnecessary.

Primary Contact: Steve Anthoney

Posted: 12/21/22 11:14 am
Last updated: 12/23/22 12:36 am
Event type: Scheduled Maintenance
Current status: Resolved
Service Internet Access

 Server Patching – Wed Dec 21 5:30pm – 9:30pm

Start Time: 12/21/22 5:30 pm - End Time: 12/21/22 9:30 pm


ITS system administrators will apply critical security updates to Windows and Linux servers. There will be brief disruptions to:

  • Print and fax services
  • TritonApps sessions
  • Unix home directories
  • SharePoint sites
  • Remote Desktop Gateway
  • WWW sites
  • Web applications running on, and
  • UMSL Blogs and other WordPress blogs
  • Library databases
  • Oracle Databases

PeopleSoft applications including MyView, MyHR, etc. will not be affected

Primary Contact: Mike Toohey

Posted: 12/20/22 7:50 am
Last updated: 1/24/23 1:04 pm
Event type: Scheduled Maintenance
Current status: Resolved
Service Applications/Web Apps, Printing, Sharepoint, UMSL Websites