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 Intermittent issues with softphone


Some Mitel users are reporting trouble maintaining connection to softphone. Telephone Services will reboot the problem switches at noon today, which may result in dropped calls or brief inability to connect for a small number of users.


Update: Switch reboots have concluded. Telephone Services will continue to monitor the stability of softphone connections to ensure the issue is resolved.

Update 2: This issue should now be resolved.

Posted: 3/29/21 10:48 am
Last updated: 4/2/21 4:20 pm
Event type: Intermittent or Slow Service
Current status: Resolved
Service Telephone Services

 Server Patching

Start Time: 3/26/21 5:30 pm - End Time: 3/26/21 9:30 pm


ITS system administrators will apply critical security updates to Windows and Linux servers. There will be brief disruptions to:

  • Faculty/Staff MyDocuments and Department Shares
  • Student Unix home directories
  • Print and fax services
  • TritonApps sessions
  • Remote Desktop Gateway
  • SharePoint sites
  • WWW sites
  • UMSL Blogs and other WordPress blogs
  • Library databases
  • Web applications running on, and

PeopleSoft applications including MyView, MyHR, etc. will not be affected.

Primary Contact: Mike Toohey

Posted: 3/25/21 10:39 am
Last updated: 4/6/21 3:43 pm
Event type: Scheduled Maintenance
Current status: Resolved
Service Applications/Web Apps, Network-File Shares, Printing, Sharepoint, UMSL Websites

Posted: 3/3/21 3:44 pm
Last updated: 3/3/21 3:44 pm
Event type:
Current status:
Service Uncategorized

Instructure Canvas hosting is having issues. They are aware of the issue and are working on it. The status of Canvas can be checked at

 Zoom Cloud Recordings processing delays


Zoom is reporting longer than normal processing times on cloud recordings.    Working with vendor on the backlog of zoom cloud recordings.

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Posted: 3/1/21 2:37 pm
Last updated: 3/2/21 12:45 am
Event type: Intermittent or Slow Service
Current status: Resolved
Service Zoom Conferencing

 Some Mitel Softphones are having problems connecting.


A few Softphone users have reported that they are unable to properly make or receive calls. Telephone Services is trying to isolate the problem and troubleshoot it. We will send more information as we try to resolve the issue.

Posted: 3/1/21 2:25 pm
Last updated: 3/1/21 2:25 pm
Event type: Intermittent or Slow Service
Current status: Active
Service Telephone Services