Monthly Archives: June 2021

 Windows/Linux Patching

Start Time: 6/25/21 5:30 pm - End Time: 6/25/21 9:30 pm


ITS system administrators will apply critical security updates to Windows and Linux servers. There will be brief disruptions to:

  • Faculty/Staff MyDocuments and Department Shares
  • Student Unix home directories
  • Print and fax services
  • TritonApps sessions
  • SharePoint sites
  • WWW sites
  • UMSL Blogs and other WordPress blogs
  • Library databases
  • Web applications running on, and

PeopleSoft applications including MyView, MyHR, etc. will not be affected.

Primary Contact: Mike Toohey

Posted: 6/23/21 1:19 pm
Last updated: 7/12/21 8:12 pm
Event type: Scheduled Maintenance
Current status: Resolved
Service Applications/Web Apps, Network-File Shares, Printing, Sharepoint, UMSL Websites

 WWW and Soulard server maintenance

Start Time: 6/11/21 5:30 pm - End Time: 6/11/21 6:30 pm


WWW and Soulard servers will undergo scheduled maintenance.  Access to some websites hosted on and access to Faculty/Staff home directories on soulard will be interrupted during this time.

Primary Contact: Mike Toohey

Posted: 6/9/21 4:44 pm
Last updated: 6/21/21 2:51 pm
Event type: Scheduled Maintenance
Current status: Resolved
Service UMSL Websites email print service down


This issue has now been resolved.  Emails sent during the outage should process normally.

NOTE: Traditional desktop printing is not affected by this outage notice.

Emails sent to, UMSL’s email-to-print service is currently unavailable.  Emails with attached print jobs sent to this address should only be delayed while the outage persists and will be available for release from a campus printer when the issue is resolved.

Posted: 6/1/21 2:28 pm
Last updated: 6/1/21 4:33 pm
Event type: Service Unavailable
Current status: Resolved
Service Printing