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 Oak Hall Wireless

Start Time: 5/27/18 7:00 am - End Time: 5/27/18 8:00 am


ITS will be upgrading the network equipment in the Oak Hall attic.  Some areas will have ports and wireless service affected for a short time.

Primary Contact: Bob Garrison

Posted: 5/23/18 6:14 am
Last updated: 5/23/18 6:14 am
Event type: Scheduled Maintenance
Current status: Active
Service Network-Wireless

 Maintenance on MSC Garage North Switch

Start Time: 4/8/18 8:00 am - End Time: 4/8/18 10:00 am


Networking will be doing some maintenance on the switch in order to expand the network. Phones, Network wired and wireless access will be down during maintenance.

Primary Contact: Pollyana Appleton x6026

Posted: 4/6/18 1:54 pm
Last updated: 4/6/18 1:54 pm
Event type: Scheduled Maintenance
Current status: Active
Service Network-Access

 Zoom Connection Error : https


Zoom is currently producing a  launching error for attendees: https

Working with vendor to reslove the problem.    

As of 4:00 PM, 4/2/2018  Vendor is now working with application engineers on this problem with participants receiving error and no entry to Zoom session which still occuring.
AS 10:00 AM, 4/3/2018  Vendor is still working on problem. We do have a alternative for the faculty that do need to conduct a  Zoom session to Manually create a Zoom Meeting using the steps below
1. In a open browser Sigh In to your Zoom account at
2. Click on  MyMeetings  
3. Click on  Schedule a Meeting 
4. Name your Meeting  and click on Save
5. The next window will give you notification options,  Go to the header titled: Invite Attendees, this field area has a meeting URL that you can copy and post in a class email to all students or in course Module in Canvas has a URL link.
Understand Students may sign in to the sessions with the name they entered and joined the session with.   

Posted: 4/2/18 1:14 pm
Last updated: 4/3/18 10:27 am
Event type: Service Unavailable
Current status: Active
Service Zoom Conferencing

 Warning! Mac OSX High Sierra 10.13 Vulnerability


A security flaw has been detected in Mac operating systems, High Sierra 10.13 or greater.  This vulnerability allows anyone to login to a Mac device and change administrative settings by typing in the username “root” with no password more details can be found in the links provided.


Systems at Risk

  • Currently, this vulnerability is only detected in users with a Mac operating system that has been upgraded to High Sierra 10.13 or greater.
  • Systems with local console access, such as shared usage computers in teaching or lab environments, where users of shared computers are not privileged with root access.
  • Systems with Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) enabled

Systems Not at Risk

  • Mac operating systems that are prior to 10.13
  • Systems using SSH (Secure Shell)

Recommended Actions

  1. High Sierra 10.13 or greater users: A possible fix is to create a root account, then set a password and leave it enabled.  Instructions can be found here:
  • If you do not have the latest MacOS, do not upgrade to High Sierra 10.13 or greater until a patch is made available

More Information


Posted: 11/29/17 7:58 am
Last updated: 11/29/17 7:58 am
Event type: Informational
Current status: Active
Service Security Alert

 New ITS System Status Notification Service


New ITS System Status Notification Service

UMSL ITS has a new method for notifying the campus of system interruptions, maintenance downtime, and other informational announcements.  Events will be posted to a new website which will show all currently active events/notifications.  These notifications will also be posted on Twitter and Facebook.

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Email notifications will be sent for all new events posted on the website.  The email will contain brief information about the event, with a link to the details on the website.

If you would like to start or stop receiving email notifications (Opt In / Opt Out) when a new event is posted, go here:

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Posted: 8/17/15 10:32 am
Last updated: 9/22/16 9:49 am
Event type: Informational
Current status: Active
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