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The website for was unavailable this afternoon due to a service-related error.  The error was resolved by restarting the web services.  No other websites are known to be affected.

Posted: 3/21/17 5:09 pm
Last updated: 3/21/17 5:09 pm
Event type: Service Unavailable
Current status: Active
Service UMSL Websites

 Network Outage — ESH 4th floor–Sunday 3/19/17 — 7 am to Noon

Start Time: 3/19/17 7:00 am - End Time: 3/19/17 12:00 pm


Networking will be upgrading the switch servicing the 4th floor of ESH.  There will be no network access both wired and wireless, phone service, or remote access during this time.  There will be a brief outage for the NTP server, however no significant downtime is expected as peered NTP servers will be available.

Primary Contact: Bob Garrison

Posted: 3/14/17 9:29 am
Last updated: 3/14/17 9:29 am
Event type: Scheduled Maintenance
Current status: Active
Service Network-Access

 Network Outage – ESH 2nd and 3rd Floors

Start Time: 3/12/17 7:00 am - End Time: 3/12/17 8:00 am


This Sunday, 3/12,  Express Scripts Hall second and third floor networking hardware will be migrated to new fiber.  During this migration there may be a brief network outage for wired and wireless devices on these floors.




Primary Contact: Don Lewis

Posted: 3/9/17 10:40 am
Last updated: 3/9/17 10:40 am
Event type: Scheduled Maintenance
Current status: Active
Service Network-Access

 Windows Server Patching

Start Time: 1/27/17 5:30 pm - End Time: 1/27/17 8:30 pm


ITS system administrators will apply critical security updates to Windows servers.

There will be brief disruptions to:

  • Faculty/Staff MyDocuments and Department Shares
  • Secure file shares (RMS)
  • Print and fax services
  • TritonApps sessions
  • SharePoint sites
  • Panopto videos

Primary Contact: Mike Toohey

 New ITS System Status Notification Service


New ITS System Status Notification Service

UMSL ITS has a new method for notifying the campus of system interruptions, maintenance downtime, and other informational announcements.  Events will be posted to a new website which will show all currently active events/notifications.  These notifications will also be posted on Twitter and Facebook.

Email Notifications

Email notifications will be sent for all new events posted on the website.  The email will contain brief information about the event, with a link to the details on the website.

If you would like to start or stop receiving email notifications (Opt In / Opt Out) when a new event is posted, go here:

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Posted: 8/17/15 10:32 am
Last updated: 9/22/16 9:49 am
Event type: Informational
Current status: Active
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